aviary netting Ireland and UK

Our aviary netting is ideal for all types of bird enclosures and flight cages. Whether you need to enclose large birds of prey or small species, we have a wide variety of meshes to suit all bird sizes.


Versatile Bird Netting

Ideal for creating temporary or permanent areas for containing or showing birds, our bird nets are also effective deterrents against birds accessing sheds, grain stores, and animal feed storage areas.

Custom bird netting sizes are available in a range of mesh sizes. Delivery available across Ireland and the UK.

Twine Available

  • 19mm square mesh x 1.2mm
  • 25mm square mesh x 1.8mm
  • 30mm square mesh x 1.0mm
  • 50mm square mesh x 1.8mm
  • 50mm square mesh x 2.5mm

Netting Specification

  • Fully UV stabilised
  • Strong breaking loads: 35kg-85kg
  • Available in black or green
  • Reinforced edging
  • Rings or clips available on edges
  • Permanent or Retractable nets
  • Custom sizes available

Netting Usage

  • Aviaries
  • Flight cages
  • Bird enclosures
  • Bird Paddocks
  • Grain Stores
  • Food Storage areas

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Flynns of Lackagh, Ronan Carr, Agri Business Manager

“We had a huge problem with birds especially pigeons in our grain store for years. They would perch up on rafters and were impossible to remove from it. As well as the droppings contaminating our grain, the birds would damage bags of feed making them unsaleable.

The nets were our saving grace! We used a bird scarer and poison in the past but they did not work. I can recommend the nets 100%!

We are delighted with the nets!”



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