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Sports Nets
We manufacture, supply and install a wide range of top quality netting for all sports including GAA (Hurling & Gaelic Football), Soccer, Rugby, Golf, Cricket, Hockey, Tennis, Basketball and Badminton. Netting includes Goal and other specific sports nets, Ball-Stop Nets and Court covers.Our netting beats that of ALL our competitors in terms of quality, strength and durability. We will help you specify the specific netting you require and we can fully install when required.

Safety Nets
We supply Fall Arrest netting for the construction industry to EU Standard EN1263-1. Nets tailored to suit individual site and Building requirements. Nets supplied are Knotless Polypropylene. We also supply Scaffolding nets. Edge Protection nets Windbreak and Debris netting. We also supply Anti Litter nets for Landfill, Trailer cover nets, Ware house frame nets and Rope Ladders. The quality of all these nets is second to none as with all our netting products across the range. We can also offer a wide range of ropes and Chandlery for lifting and towing including Taglines, DynIce rope and a wide variety of Plaited and multi strand ropes.

Public Amenities Nets
We have a wide range of nets to suit our Customers’ needs. Including Anti Litter netting for Landfill sites. Permanent nest and movable nets. Along with supplying these nets we can also arrange installation of nets and frames.

We can also provide Nets for Astro Parks including netting for pitch side fencing and for overhead Pitch cover Nets. Netting for Aviary enclosures both Private and Public including netting for Zoos and Safari Parks. We have a wide variety of Twine and mesh sizes to suit all needs.

Agriculture and Horticulture Nets
Our range of high quality nets extends to all areas of Agriculture and Horticulture. We can supply Nets to prevent Birds from entering Grain stores, Nets for covering Bales and Silage pits, Aviary and Bird enclosure nets. Cover you Garden pond to stop Birds and other Predators from taking your valuable Fish. E.g. Garden Ponds with Koi Carp stocks. Also available are various size rolls of Windbreak netting and Ground cover Sheeting.

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